Point of Care

Adapt and work well even in the most remote and enclave settings.

Low Cost

Standard and quality healthcare accessible for all..


Record turnaround times with simplified workflows.


Evidence based solutions with effective clinical validations.



GICMED offers cutting edge and cost-effective MedTech and Telemedicine Innovations, enabling poor, remote and rural communities with the greatest need to enjoy affordable and accessible healthcare.


A world where even the most vulnerable get the opportunity of enjoying standard and essential healthcare, despite their location or social status.


To create innovative and sustainable MedTech solutions in order to provide affordable quality healthcare at the point of care.

Partnership Model

We work with health facilities, no matter the size and location.

Standard & Quality

Our model enables even clinics and health centers to provide specialized health services.

Universal Access

We enable everyone access standard and quality healthcare at the point of care


No more stories of importing technologies that get dumped later. We build MedTechs adapted to the developing world context.

MedTech Solutions that adapt well even in developing settings

Universal access to quality healthcare for all.

Products and Services

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide and the leading cause of cancer deaths in developing countries. 83% of all new cases that occur annually and 85% of all 270,000 annual deaths from the disease occur in developing countries. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women in sub-Saharan Africa, and the increase disease and deaths is due to limited access to screening, diagnosis and treatment services for target women. The incidence is on the increase in many countries. We are solving this with the most cost effective and innovative Med-Tech solutions.

Point of Care

Remote Specialist screening and Diagnosis.


Applicable to all diagnostic process: VIA, VILI, Pap Smear, HPV-DNA.


Easy workflow and Fast turnaround time


Best patient comfort and most efficient health provider observation.

Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer is now the most frequent cancer among women worldwide with up to a million cases occurring annually. In the developing world at large, the rate of screening is very low with screening techniques such as Mammography present only in big cities and its cost proves to be a limiting factor to accessibility and affordability by the rural populations especially. Most cases are thus diagnosed at late to end stage of the disease, where treatment options are very limited and prognosis very poor. Pathology confirmation is equally a huge problem owing to the limited number of Medical Pathologists and Pathology laboratories in the developing world. We are changing that. Our innovative tech enabled solutions enable any women get screened and diagnosed anywhere, and obtain results 90 times faster than usual cases.

Point of Care

Remote Specialist screening and Diagnosis.


Introducing the concept of digital microscopy and Tele-pathology in rural areas.


Easy workflow and Fast turnaround time especially for pathology diagnosis.


Instant second and third opinions and reviews.

Smart Speculum

It’s time to #SpecUP!

We have developed a portable device for comfortable, expert-independent, visual gynecological examination.

No more uncomfortable speculums and high-cost colposcopes – with C-Spec we finally introduce a smart device for women's health that is affordable, easy to use, and ensures a comfortable and effective visibility of the cervix at the point of care.

Our smart speculum combines a harnessed advanced smartphone application with state-of-the-art medical engineering, in a device serving both as a colposcopy and a speculum. With the C-Spec, gynecological examinations will be more comfortable and efficient like never before.


Better visibility of the cervix, with best comfort reported.

Unique design

A colposcope + a speculum in one portable device.

Easy to use

Minimal training required.

Clinically validated

99p of women prefer the C-Spec compared to any other speculum.

Fine Needle Biopsy Syringe Adapter

The GICMED FNA Device is designed to be used for precise fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) procedures. It can be used on any nodule or lump that can be palpated or visualized with ultrasound, in organs such as breast lesions (lump and cystic), Lymph nodes (lymphadenopathies), Thyroid. It is suitable for cytology diagnostic purposes such as but not limited to, breast tumors staging and diagnosis, thyroid tumors, suspected lymphoma or lymph node metastasis.


can be used with any 10cc syringe design or model..


Enables quick and easy fine needle aspirate biopsy, with higher biopsy yield..

Perfect design

made from plastic, light weight and reusable.

Easy to use

Single hand use, and easily originating the vacuum into the syringe.

Digital Pathology

Using a combination of hardware and software technologies, we enabling everyone access pathology diagnosis at the point of care and in a faster turnaround time. Medical pathologists are one of the scarcest experts in the developing world and access to pathology services is very limited. Our digital pathology solution enables quickly diagnosing acute illnesses, chronic diseases and rare conditions, and accelerates the path to treatment.

Decentralized access

pioneer in decentralizing pathology diagnosis that work even in rural settings.


Obtaining results 100 times faster than usual cases..

EMR enabled

with the capacity of digitalizing slides, we are gradually moving to becoming the most diverse cancer registry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Complete Package

Integrates all required steps; from sample preparations, to staining, digitalizing slides, diagnosis, second opinions and storage.


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GICMED offers cutting edge and cost-effective MedTech and Telemedicine Innovations.

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