B-Scan (Targeting breast Cancer)


Breast cancer is now the most frequent cancer among women worldwide with up to a million cases occurring annually. In the developing world at large, the rate of screening is very low with screening techniques such as Mammography present only in big cities and its cost proves to be a limiting factor to accessibility and affordability by the rural populations especially. Most cases are thus diagnosed at late to end stage of the disease, where treatment options are very limited and prognosis very poor.
Pathology confirmation is equally a huge problem owing to the limited number of Medical Pathologists and Pathology laboratories in the developing world.



A smartphone digital microscopy innovation coupled with a telemedicine platform aimed at remotely screening and early detecting breast cancers with pathology confirmation for target women, despite their location.


  • E-record of patient info and medical history
  • Introducing the concept of digital microscopy and Tele-pathology in rural areas
  • Solves the problem of lack of Medical Pathologists in several regions by providing a reliable medium to diagnose and confirm breast cancer by a Pathologist in towns and regions where they don’t exist.
  • Secure channel for referring patients and patient tracking in real time
  • Capturing and sharing digital whole slide images
B-Scan Pic